Despite planning to stay in Saigon in some days, Jodi Ettenberge, a well-known Canadian travel blogger, has fallen in love with friendly people, delicious street food, beautiful tourist attractions and the hustle of transportation here.

After more than five years of pursuing lawyer career in New York, Jodi Ettenberg decided to prepare her luggage to explore every cuisine in the world for one year. However, Jodi's journey has lasted continually for more than six years to reach far more distant lands. Coming to Vietnam from the end of 2012, Jodi has completely fallen in love with the beauty of Saigon, and she also gets used to fast-paced life here.

The first impression Jodi wants to share is the Vietnamese food. She became interested in Vietnamese food when she saw images on the internet and had a strong desire to explore more, that's why she decided to come and travel Vietnam. Vietnamese food from the North to the South has its own flavor and characteristics. Jodi began her journey of food discovery with a bowl of Pho in Saigon. Her goal is to try something new every day.

Sai Gon Street has many small food outlets, many of which are located in small alleys. The alley next to where Jodi lives has a "beer and snail" shop, where customers can choose the seafood they would like to eat, and the shop’s owner will cook for them. At the end of the alley, there is a small restaurant which serves lunch. Customers are offered a plate of steamed rice, optionally add vegetables and meat from fried pork to stewed pork, fish, and eggs. The price is just about more than $1, and visitors are free to choose new dishes every day. The dishes Jodi tried were delicious, and sometimes they serve a plate of raw vegetables. No dish is over $3, most of them fluctuated from $1 to $2.

Besides the food, Jodi also enjoyed the people and the amazing sceneries of Saigon. Something is so simple, for example, pictures of electric poles, hand-made decorated phones of the local people, an image of a girl wearing traditional dress riding bicycle which left a deep impression on her and made her love this city enormously. After 3 years staying in Southeast Asia, Jodi was so happy about her decision, and it is regarded to be the most wonderful time in her life.

Her friends have warned her about the crazy traffic congestion in Saigon before, but Jodi was still surprised by the chaos of the vehicles on the road, and stressful noise caused by horns all day. She still does not understand how people can slip through chaotic intersections while they are still safe.

Jodi feels fortunate to have chosen Vietnam in her journey. She will stay in Saigon longer with James and Will. They are her friends who she met in Chiang Mai. Jodi has also met a few writers and other visitors during her staying here, with the desire of knowing more about the country through their stories.