In recent years, Da Lat has become one of the hottest destinations in Vietnam. In addition to its peaceful atmosphere and cool climate, its attractiveness comes from such impressive places.

Train station- impressive place in Da Lat

From the beginning, Da Lat train station has become a favorite place for travelers since it is the most ancient train structure and the only place which still remains steam locomotive and serrated rail.

Nowadays, visiting Da Lat train station only costs 5.000 VND for a ticket and you are free to take photos. Furthermore, inside the train station is there a café inside the old carriage. This is the million-like destination for many girls. You can also buy a ticket from Da Lat to Trai Mat with 150.000 VND, experiencing the feeling of sitting on the train and viewing the beautiful 7-kilometer route. At the end of the route is the quiet and peaceful Linh Phuoc Pagoda. Along the trip is there Da Lat teachers college, hortensia gardens, tiny wooden houses, fascinating green gardens of fresh vegetables along the hillside and Cau Dat hill.

Y Bridge, Xuan Huong Lake

On the film ‘Glorious May,’ Y Bridge appeared when Hieu Phuong was just a little kid. She felt disappointed after seeing that Dong Ho kissed another girl.

The bridge is a famous spot in Da Lat and always full of people who come to take photos at weekends. Some residents often come here to fishing even in some foggy mornings.

Xuan Huong Lake is also a favorite place for travelers. They hire bicycles, bike around the romantic lake and experience the culture of cuisine here in the relatively cold climate, discover the noisy and crowding Da Lat night market and visit Moon Lady villa and Chicken Church.

Hoa Binh Area

Being reconstructed meticulously, Hoa Binh Area, which appeared on screens, makes traveling lovers crazy at the first sight. It used to be a countryside and vintage area many years ago. The screen has also been considered to be luxurious when reappearing the government truthfully overthrowing at that time.

At present, thanks to the yellow wall of Coi Xay Gio cake store, Hoa Binh area has become an impressive place in Da Lat. This area is nearly considered to be the city center. From here, tourists can visit Da Lat market, find Tang Bat Ho pancakes or famous foot of an avocado tree, taste steamed thin rice pancakes with chicken’s tripe which are handled down from generation to generation or enjoy a cup of hot cappuccino.

Amazing film studio

The film studio is next to the sculptural underground-trench tourist area. To get to this well-known spot, travelers turn into the park, look down to Tuyen Lam Lake, they will see the fascinating film studio.

Located in Central Highlands, Da Lat is only 300 kilometers to the north of Ho Chi Minh City. Therefore, it is a favorite destination for not only internal tourists but also foreign ones.