1. Blue Sea Resort

Lying on the beautiful lovely Ong Lang beach and very near to the rainforest, Blue Sea is the best place for tourists who are looking for a beautiful and comfortable resort. Phu Quoc Blue Sea Resort owns a green space with palm tree and poplar tree leave dancing in breezing ocean wind. With the advantage of the location which is right on the beach as well as the center area, you can easily go to other famous places of Phu Quoc such as Duong Dong night market, Vinpearl amusement park or Dong Duong Airport. The separate quiet brick-wall bungalows or wooden bungalows in fresh ocean sea will bring you relaxing time in a cool pleasant view. Inside each bungalow provides comfortable accommodation with the best services. The price for one night in Phu Quoc Blue Sea Resort is about 87$

2. Bamboo Cottage & Restaurant

About 35 km from Phu Quoc Airport, Bamboo Cottage & Restaurant is a seaside hotel with beautiful, unique, strange and extremely architecture. The rooms are quite simple but extremely unique, delicate with the use of ornamental decorations, eye-catching. If you want to find a quiet place but still dynamic to rest, then Bamboo Cottage & Restaurant is definitely an ideal destination for you. Most of the hotel rooms have sea view, so just lounge on the couch and you can hear the sound of sea waves seem very near right next door. The price for one night in Bamboo Cottage & Restaurant is about 40$.

3. 9Station Hostel

Although 9Station is a hostel, the experience that 9Station brings to the visitors is different from the usual hostel. 9Station is very wide and it is listed as the largest hostel in Vietnam. Moreover, the quality services of the hostel are very good. The hostel consists of 200 beds with different types, ranging from 4 to 10 beds, with separate rooms for women. Besides, the hostel also has a gym area and outdoor pools. Coming here you can pleasantly swim, read the book or relax in the fresh air. The price of the hostel is really reasonable with the price for a dorm room of 4 - 8 people is about 10$/night/person and 25$ for a private room with a single or double bed.

4. Peace House

Located in the District 10, Duong Dong Town, Peace House with unique antique design will help you escape all the rush and noise from the big cities. Peace House is a homestay, so everything is decorated simple, subtle, but still cozy and comfortable. You will be able to enjoy the kitchen with full kitchen equipment available at Peace House and a small bonus that you also do not have to pay if you want to use the bike of the homestay. One night in Peace House has a price about 20$ for 2 persons or you can rent all the homestay with the price is 75$/night.

5. Chez Que Forest Bungalow

Chez Que Forest Bungalow is a perfect choice for families having children when traveling to Phu Quoc. This resort has a spacious space with plenty of green trees and flowers, so children will have plenty of places to play while parents can sit on the bench watching the scenery and enjoying the fresh cool air of the sea. Chez Que Forest Bungalow has an extremely convenient location, just 5 km from the city center. Therefore, you will easily visit the tourist sites, experience seafood market or shopping on the central. The price of the resort is about 62$ per night.